Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nolan's First Halloween

For Nolan's first Halloween we had to get started to make sure we made all the rounds to see all the grandparents and great-grandparents. We started off at Matt's parents house to see Nana Sue and Papaw Chuck. Nolan made his debut as penguin there too and it was a hit!

Next, we went to my Nanny and Nannad's. This is Nolan's great-grandparents. They hadn't seen him since he was a week old, so they were quite impressed with how much our lil punkin had grown. Nanny really liked when he smiled at her in his sleep. We had a great time visiting and catching up!

Lastly, we went to my parents house to see them and my sisters family. We did a quick photo shoot in the front yard with everyone and then just hung out. He was such a trooper! We didn't actually trick-or-treat but we have years to do that. This year we just wanted to share our precious little one with everyone who means so much to us!


Nolan and I decided to have a little photo session last week!

Are You Seeing Red?

It seems to us that Nolan is a red head! For all the years that I dreamed of becoming a mommy not in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine an adorable red headed boy. However, my great grandfather was a red head and the only red head known on in our family. Except our niece, Maddy, she has a shade of red hair too! Maddy and Nolan are exactly 16 months apart! She was so excited to be Nolan's big cousin! It is really amazing how much Nolan and Maddy resemble each other and have cute little things in common; the hair, location of "stork bites", facial expressions, toes, and many more that I am sure we will notice in time. We are so excited that these two first cousins already have so much in common. I think this is that temper that they refer too with red heads...and he definetly can have one!

And here he is with his "rodeo hand" it is constantly going like a rodeo cowboy! So cute!

And here is Maddy in her "Nolan's Cuz" t-shirt when he was born! We can't wait to watch them grow up together!

Nolan's Hero

Nolan and I are so proud of Daddy! He got a new job as a detective! We are so excited because daddy has wanted to be a detective for a very long time. We know that daddy will have a lot of new stuff to learn, be on call, and have to deal with some shady characters BUT we are so happy for him. His hours will also change and it will get him off the road. Since his accident in January 2007 (he was ran over on duty) he has a lot of physical pain and anxiety with the job, so these are other reasons to be happy for daddy! I am also happy because he has to wear a suit to work and I think he looks quite handsome in a suit! We are so blessed that daddy works so hard to take care of us and our community! We were so excited to hear all about his first day on the job that we met him in the driveway!