Monday, April 26, 2010

Cheer Banquet

I didn't get to blog a lot last week due to getting everything ready for our annual cheer banquet. Every year after our season has ended we get together to celebrate our year and reflect on memories made. We had our banquet this year at a local church in their beautiful eating area and had our meal catered, both a first since I have been coaching. I still had to get the awards, speech, slideshows, decorations, and squad gifts ready. Oh and my outfit, it had to be perfect! Since our banquet colors this year were purple and lime green (our seniors choice) my out fit had to match too! It was a wonderful night filled with pictures, memories, awards, gifts, and reflection. It was an awesome year that ended with wonderful ladies and a beautiful banquet.
Nolan playing on the floor

The beautiful ladies on the church steps

Now thats more like the girls I know....being silly and having fun!
Me giving my speech

It is a little blury but this year I painted our senior a canvas with her dorm colors and favorite scripture.

Our last time "circle up" prayer as a squad this year

Nolan on all fours rocking....I am not quite ready for this little chunck to start crawling!

He looks like he is laughing at me for some reason....and the way Matt is looking at me I am probably doing something very silly to make him laugh. The things we will do to see our kiddos smile!

Nolan and his girlfriend, Hadley. They are future prom dates and don't even know it. Aren't they cute laying on the floor in matching outfits? Precious!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Break

This past week has been my first spring break as a momma and it has been SO much fun! Nolan and I have done all kinds of fun stuff. We've gone shopping in nearby towns, gone on walks, taken drives with the windows down and the music up, snuggled during naptime, and just had a lot of bonding time. It has been so much fun! We've also been putting Nolan down in HIS crib in HIS room. Until now he has been in a bassinet in our room (which he was getting too big for) or sleeping with us (don't judge me). So we took the big leap this week and hooked up all his monitors, checked and double checked them, and put him down each night in his bed when he started getting sleepy. And guess what?!? He was okay!!! haha He loved having his own space! I think we were stressed out about it but I think it was harder on us than on him. We just watched the monitor at night and would peek in numerous times just to see his little chest rise. It is an adjustment but I think a healthy adjustment for everyone. Matt and I are enjoying talking and cuddling once again at night.
Overall, it has been one busy and fun week! I am sure it will be a little bittersweet when my alarm goes off Monday morning and it is back to school. But I am thankful to be a teacher at such a wonderful school, to have an amazing MIL (Nana Sue) that loves and watches Nolan at OUR house, and that I only have 8 more weeks of school until summer break! I am already making big plans for all of our lazy free days this summer.
The picture above was taken after a trip to the mall. The little guy has red hair so we had to stock up on some hats and the sunglasses were just for giggles because we've put ours on him when the sun is in his eyes and he loves them. But surprisingly he left his hat and sunglasses alone. Thank goodness because he will probably be wearing lots of hats this summer when we play outside!
I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful spring weather!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

It was a beautiful spring day here in Kentucky and we took full advantage of it! We decided to have in impromptu photo session in our front yard with Mr. Nolan. We got some really cute pictures! We are so lucky to have such a happy and laid back baby that will let us click away and put him all over the yard for the perfect shot! mama's sweet boy
we did not pose him...he is just a natural (ha!)
See any resemblence?


It is sad to say outloud but Nolan really had no choice but to be a sports fan (our tv is always on sportscenter or espn news) and more specifically a hard-core UK fan. It seems to us that he is handling this quite well. He loves to watch sports (no lie) since I coach cheerleading he sat through many basketball games and would often fall asleep sitting up while watching the players run up and down the court. But he also loves to watch sports on tv, I think he likes the constant motion and bright colors. Evidence:

Eventhough our beloved CATS didn't make it to the big game tonight we had a wonderful time cheering them on this year.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Nolan's First State Tournament

Matt and Nolan leaving Diddle Arena (NOlan lost his pants during the game because he got really child usually wears pants, I swear!)
Some of the girls after a very long night cheering. We lost in double overtime.

Hay, Britt, and Kayla after being asked to visit the milk mustach booth

Our first state tournament

Nolan has had a lot of first's all ready this year and he added another one to his list by going to his first girls basketball state tournament. The state tournament is held at Western Kentucky University (my alma mater....GO TOPS) and is about 30 minutes from home. Since it was during the week I had to take a couple days off from school to accompany the cheerleaders but got to take my lil man along with me. So we got to spend some quality time together on our little mini-vaca. He is such a sweet and laid back baby, he just went along with everything and was such a good boy! The cheerleaders and basketball players provided non-stop entertainment for him at the hotel which was nice and fun to watch. The cheerleaders had a good time and placed 5th out of 16 squads at the in-game competition held during the first games of the tournament. My girls practiced really hard and cheered non-stop during the game. Top 5 was our goal and the highest we have ever placed. I was so proud of their hard work and dedication!

5 months

5 month Stats:
* wears 6 month clothes
* wears size 3.5 shoe
* wears size 2 diaper
* eats 6 oz every 3.5-4 hours
* loves his fruits
* drooling like crazy
* finally rolling over
* still sleeping through the night :)

bubbles during a walk

all dressed up and ready to go to a ballgame

rockin' the shades Nolan and Mommy in Nashville
Daddy's lil helper on his dream boat at Bass Pro Shop

4 months

4 month stats:

*wears 6 month clothing
*wears size 2 diapers
*eats 6 oz every 3.5-4 hours
*loves oatmeal cereal
*loves applesauce, banananas and pears....peaches....not so much
*babbles, drools, coos, and giggles all the time
* very laid back and easy going

visiting cousin Maddy

With my squad at KAPOS regionals

All bundled up during the snow

New Years Eve 2009