Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Break

This past week has been my first spring break as a momma and it has been SO much fun! Nolan and I have done all kinds of fun stuff. We've gone shopping in nearby towns, gone on walks, taken drives with the windows down and the music up, snuggled during naptime, and just had a lot of bonding time. It has been so much fun! We've also been putting Nolan down in HIS crib in HIS room. Until now he has been in a bassinet in our room (which he was getting too big for) or sleeping with us (don't judge me). So we took the big leap this week and hooked up all his monitors, checked and double checked them, and put him down each night in his bed when he started getting sleepy. And guess what?!? He was okay!!! haha He loved having his own space! I think we were stressed out about it but I think it was harder on us than on him. We just watched the monitor at night and would peek in numerous times just to see his little chest rise. It is an adjustment but I think a healthy adjustment for everyone. Matt and I are enjoying talking and cuddling once again at night.
Overall, it has been one busy and fun week! I am sure it will be a little bittersweet when my alarm goes off Monday morning and it is back to school. But I am thankful to be a teacher at such a wonderful school, to have an amazing MIL (Nana Sue) that loves and watches Nolan at OUR house, and that I only have 8 more weeks of school until summer break! I am already making big plans for all of our lazy free days this summer.
The picture above was taken after a trip to the mall. The little guy has red hair so we had to stock up on some hats and the sunglasses were just for giggles because we've put ours on him when the sun is in his eyes and he loves them. But surprisingly he left his hat and sunglasses alone. Thank goodness because he will probably be wearing lots of hats this summer when we play outside!
I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful spring weather!

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  1. Glad to hear you had a good spring break as a mama this year.
    I'm loving that picture you posted. That hat is just adorable on him.