Monday, April 26, 2010

Cheer Banquet

I didn't get to blog a lot last week due to getting everything ready for our annual cheer banquet. Every year after our season has ended we get together to celebrate our year and reflect on memories made. We had our banquet this year at a local church in their beautiful eating area and had our meal catered, both a first since I have been coaching. I still had to get the awards, speech, slideshows, decorations, and squad gifts ready. Oh and my outfit, it had to be perfect! Since our banquet colors this year were purple and lime green (our seniors choice) my out fit had to match too! It was a wonderful night filled with pictures, memories, awards, gifts, and reflection. It was an awesome year that ended with wonderful ladies and a beautiful banquet.
Nolan playing on the floor

The beautiful ladies on the church steps

Now thats more like the girls I know....being silly and having fun!
Me giving my speech

It is a little blury but this year I painted our senior a canvas with her dorm colors and favorite scripture.

Our last time "circle up" prayer as a squad this year

Nolan on all fours rocking....I am not quite ready for this little chunck to start crawling!

He looks like he is laughing at me for some reason....and the way Matt is looking at me I am probably doing something very silly to make him laugh. The things we will do to see our kiddos smile!

Nolan and his girlfriend, Hadley. They are future prom dates and don't even know it. Aren't they cute laying on the floor in matching outfits? Precious!


  1. Oh he's so cute, He'll be crawling before you know it. And yes they get into everything.
    I love the pic of you and the girls. So fun!
    I'm glad you had a good week/weekend. :)

  2. Nolan is such a cutie! How do you have time for all that with him? You must be super mom :)

  3. Hi Brooke! I just read your sweet comment on my blog and clicked on your page. I love your blog and what a cutie Nolan is! I noticed on the blogs you follow that you also follow Katie's you know Katie by chance? I was her roomate at Baylor. It's fun to get to know people through "blog world" and see how we are all somehow connected through friends of friends! :)

  4. Hi Brooke! Thanks for visiting! I love your little blog and family - and can't believe all we have in common! What grade do you teach? And a cheerleading coach on top of being a mom, wife, and teacher! Get it girl :) Nice to meet you - Good luck with testing, btw!