Monday, May 3, 2010

Talk Derby to Me

I don't normally recap my weekend because honestly, they would probably bore you. Where to start.

First, how can we not talk about the 136 Kentucky Derby? I take so much pride in the derby because I am from Kentucky. I think I walk a little taller on derby day. I love it all! I love the lavish hats, beautiful horses, the colorful silks, scenic views of kentucky, the call to post, everyone having a good time, the mint juleps, and my most favorite part; the singing of "My Old Kentucky Home." I cry everytime I hear that song. It is literally one of my favorite songs. I sing it Nolan on a daily basis. I don't cry when I sing but when I hear it sung, I just can't help it. It gets me everytime!

I was rooting for the filly. I always do. I was so hoping my girl, Devil May Care would pull it off. She did a good job she just couldn't keep up with Super Saver or Ice Box. If it had been a little bit longer of a distance Ice Box would've won. I cheered on Eight Belles when she ran and cried when went down. I am so glad I didn't end up crying this year!

Saturday night we went to Bowling Green to run some errands. We had to get some Mother's Day, birthday, and graduation presents. May is one busy month for us. I thought we might have to make Matt's dream come true and invest in a (bass) boat to get home. It rained, and rained, and rained. It was quite scary. I am glad I wasn't driving or I would've been a tense mess by the time we got home. We had a wonderful time though but didn't get any presents. It was just one of those shopping trips.

Matt was a prince and let me go to sleep early and he put Nolan down. Praise Jesus for good husbands and daddys! I was awoken around 11:30 by HAIL! It was hailing so hard that I woke up in a panic. But Nolan slept through all the storms. He is perfect...I am convinced! JK

Sunday we went to church. We've recently started attending my uncles church in Owensboro and feel like we have found our home. Isn't it nice when that happens? It just feels like home. We are so comfortable there and leave feeling better than when we walked in. Nolan stayed in the nursery with my cousins and he did awesome! They didn't have to page us during church. Not that I was worried, Nolan is like Matt and has never met a stranger. So I was convinced he would be just fine.

After church we went to O'Charleys and ate a feast! We were all starving! Then I had to return some bedding that I bought to TJMaxx. I love TJMaxx but I hate looking for bedding. I never can find exactly what I am looking for! Anyways, we walked next door to Best Buy and came out with a new digital camera! Yeah! We got a Nikon coolpix s4000. It is sweet! It makes me very nervous though because it has a touchscreen. Yikes! I am a tad rough on cameras...hince the need for a new one!

I hope your weekend went well and you stayed dry.

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