Friday, May 14, 2010

7 months

{ I never got our Easter pictures up so I am going double-dip and use them for his 7 month pic...okay? Good!}

He is sitting up so good now!

How could you say "no" to that face? Presh!

A good family picture!

Taking advantage of the beautiful scenery He is checking his Nannad out
7 months
*20+ pounds
*size 3 diapers
*He can wear 18 month shorts (no comment)
* He LOVES his veggies (except for green beans)
* He still eats 6 oz every 4 hours
* Has slept in his crib ALL night a couple of times ( this is major people!)
*He can roll over, sit up, and can rock on all fours
*Jabbers ALL the time
*Has a fake cough and an evil laugh
*Still a cuddle bug
* LOVES YO GABBA GABBA (don't judge...I find myself singing those songs)
*Reaching for EVERYTHING
*Raises his arms when we walk by
*Starting to seem bored by the jump-a-roo (tear)
* Still gives mommy precious, slobbery, open mouth kisses (daddy is so jealous!)
Nolan you are growing up too fast. God has been so good to us. What did we ever do to deserve you? We try to soak up every noise, laugh, smirk, change, and PRAY that we don't forget them. You are such a joy to watch!


  1. He's adorable. Happy 7 months. Can you believe how big he's getting and how fast time passes. Its crazy!

  2. He is precious and I mean precious! Those first two pictures are my favorites. My Lucy is quite a little chunk, but since she's started crawling and standing she's starting to slow down a bit. Kind of makes me sad. We need to enjoy our sweet babies thighs while they still juicy and delicious! Haha.