Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nolan's Hero

Nolan and I are so proud of Daddy! He got a new job as a detective! We are so excited because daddy has wanted to be a detective for a very long time. We know that daddy will have a lot of new stuff to learn, be on call, and have to deal with some shady characters BUT we are so happy for him. His hours will also change and it will get him off the road. Since his accident in January 2007 (he was ran over on duty) he has a lot of physical pain and anxiety with the job, so these are other reasons to be happy for daddy! I am also happy because he has to wear a suit to work and I think he looks quite handsome in a suit! We are so blessed that daddy works so hard to take care of us and our community! We were so excited to hear all about his first day on the job that we met him in the driveway!

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