Monday, October 5, 2009

Nolans Arrival

We were scheduled to be induced on Monday, September 14th at 5:30 am. Our alarm went off at 4:00 am. It is really weird to describe how I felt the night before trying to go to sleep and getting ready that morning. My emotions were mixed but I was in control of them. My fears had subsided and I was more anxious and excited to meet our son. We got up and began our last car ride alone. It was still dark outside and it was a pretty quiet drive to Owensboro. I think we were both just overwhelmed with emotions and thoughts about what the day would hold.

When we arrived I had never seen the hospital so quiet or calm. We checked in and got settled into our room. We took a couple last minute belly shots and made small talk while waiting for the cna to come in take my vitals. When the cna came in she took my vitals and briefed us on what the day would hold, I think that is when it sunk in that we were having a baby TODAY! Next, a nurse came in to set up my iv and fluids. I was VERY nervous about my IV because I had never been in the hospital before or had an IV. She was a little blunt telling me that it probably would hurt...not exactly what I wanted to hear. The funny thing is that it didn't hurt. She thought I was funny because I thought that the needle would be in my arm and she laughed and informed me that there was no needle just a valve. Phew...I was nervous about a needle being in my arm for a couple days and handling a baby. Later, my wonderful dr came in to break my water and get my pitocin started. Once those 2 things happened, we were in business!

Once the pitocin was started I really started feeling intense contractions. I was surprised that I was very quiet as the contractions got worse. I had never had intense pain like that and was curious how I would handle it. I got my epidural around 10:00 and it was painless! I was never worried about getting an epidural because I knew that I couldn't see it and that it would help me feel better. Once the epidural kicked in life was good again! However, it was time to rest! We rested and visited with friends and family until about it was time to push.

At 3:00 my wonderful delivery nurse came in and warned me that I had progressed to 8 cm and that she would be back at 3:30 to start pushing. I couldn't decide if I wanted to be fully dilated or if I wanted a little bit more time. I remember watching the clock and getting very nervous. And sure enough she arrived at 3:30 and it was go time!

I pushed for about an hour and a half. Labor was not bad except I didn't know if I was pushing correctly. Matt and my mom stayed with me throughout labor and were a great support team. Matt was wonderful, he would kiss my forehead and give me encouragment when I needed it. I remember that my labor was very quiet as well and that in between contractions I would lay back and close my eyes. I don't think I was sleeping but I am not really sure what I was doing...resting or going to my happy place I guess.

At 4:54 p.m. Nolan made his entrance into the world.

I was so blessed with a wonderful labor and delivery, granted there are parts that are a blur. I know that I had lots of friends and family praying for the doctors, nurses, Nolan, and myself. I had peace the whole day; I knew that God was looking out for everyone involved in my labor and delivery. I had peace knowing that prayers were being said and that Nolan and I were in wonderful hands.I had my husband and best friend by myside encouraging me and my mom there for support. My labor and delivery nurse was the best and did a wonderful job helping me deliver Nolan. Dr. G was great as well making sure my lil man and I were safe and healthy. I am one very blessed momma that I had a smooth delivery and a healthy son!

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