Thursday, October 1, 2009

Where it all began...

Since this blog is going to be dedicated to mostly my husband (Matt) and newborn son (Nolan), I thought I would tell you a little bit about how it all began!

Matt and I met our freshmen year in college when we had a class together. I was dating someone at the time and I thought he flirt because he was always talking to different girls. We met again a couple of years later when a mutual friend wanted to set us up with another mutual friend (are you still following me, confusing I know!) That didn't work out so we started talking and the rest is history. Matt proposed on the beach at sunset while we were vacationing on fall break, it was very romantic and sweet! We married on 06-07-08 our 7 year anniversary.
We had been married about 6 months when we found out we would be expecting our first baby! It was during the ice storm and is time in our life that we will never forget.

Nolan and I are so lucky to be blessed with such a great husband and daddy. He is the best husband in the world, he supports me in every way and shows me unconditional love. Nolan is so blessed to have Matt as his papa! Matt is right there with me changing dirty diapers, helping with nursing, and showers Nolan with love. I am so excited for Matt to share all his fishing tips and tricks with Nolan! They are going to be two peas in a pod!

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