Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Monday night we gave Nolan his first real bath. He wasn't to thrilled to say the least. It might have gone better if 1. he wasn't asleep when we gave him his bath-I would be crabby too if I was in a deep sleep and woke up in luke warm water and 2. if the water had been a tad bit warmer but Matt and I being the amateurs we are were worried it would be too warm.

The actual bath wasn't a big hit BUT after he calmed down he was SO calm and relaxed. We were able to get some sweet pictures!


  1. precious little bear cub! cute.



  2. What a cutie, So sad but cute. Our son did the same thing but it was when we were giving him his sponge baths. Poor kids they hate the cold.

  3. He is so adorable. And congratulations!!!
    Love the bath time pics.

  4. He is absolutely adorable!! I hope you are starting to settle into somewhat of a routine.